We had an absolutely wonderful time aboard the Boardroom cruise boat on Lake Okanagan (www.kelownadinnercruises.com) in celebration of Herb and Dorothea Reimche's 70th wedding anniversary.  Herb is 93, and Dorothea is too much a lady to admit her age, but they are still spry and alert, and for one of our songs (My Wild Irish Rose), Herb got up and shared the spotlight with Rick, turning our quartet into a quintet!  Not a small feat for a nonagenarian!

The weather started fair, and held until the captain of the boat decided that the weather was looking a little threatening, so took us shoreward.  We docked fine, of course, and then proceeded to assist the passengers off the boat and onto the dock, which was rocking and reeling more than the boat from the waves that the winds were kicking up.  The waves abated mostly just as we were helping the last of the guests ashore.

We also managed to identify a potential new member to a chorus, but unfortunately he lives in Idaho, so the commute would be a little far for him to join our chorus.  He'd be an asset for sure in one of the Idaho area chapters, though.

We wrapped up the evening by dropping in on a wedding reception (we didn't crash, we were invited as a surprise to the bride and groom) and singing three songs.  It was a great evening and afternoon, and we had a blast performing for these people.  We all agreed that this is what it's all about; bringing laughter and smiles to those who allow us to sing for them.
Things are a little quiet at the moment.  Dan is working on some yard renovations, Paul is tearing out his deck (hopefully not his hair) and building a new one in its place.  Oh, and we're continuing to keep our repertoire polished and adding new music as time goes on.

We've recently added a couple of songs to our "ready to perform" list, and are all geared up to sing 'em when we go cruising on Lake Okanagan July 18th.  In the meanwhile, we're looking ahead to putting together "song packages" that fit well together, not medleys so much as songs that "just fit" when sung back-to-back.  We also haven't forgotten Christmas (well, it _is_ only 6 months away), and we're wanting to have songs ready and polished once that season falls upon us.

The life of the "Chorus of the soon-to-be Lake Country Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society" (whew) continues as well, as we actively continue the process of picking a name (the CLCCBHS just doesn't cut it), and we're already planning for our "coming out party", which could happen as early as November.  Stay tuned here for details of that.
The North Okanagan has had a dry winter, and it's looking to be a dry summer.  Fortunately for that, we've had some rain this past week, and although we're not big fans of rain, it has so many blessings that it's a welcome guest to our valley.

We are hoping, however, that the rain manages to stay away this upcoming weekend, when the O'Keefe Ranch has its official opening to the general public.  You will be able to hear us as we wander the grounds from 2pm to 5pm, here and there, singing the songs we know and love.  For more details, you can check out the photo just published on our Photos page.

We've also graduated two new songs into our repertoire (that's fancy French for "what we know"), and we're looking for the next great thing to bring to you.  Keep an eye out on our Songs We've Sung page for details.

We're looking forward to singing for you!
 for detailsBarbershop harmony is definitely alive and well in the North Okanagan.  On Saturday, March 20th, the Some Other Time quartet, along with a new up-and-coming quartet, [bruce], sang with a new chapter that is forming in the Lake Country area, comprised of men from as far north as Armstrong and as far south as Kelowna.  The director of this new chorus was pleased and surprised that with only one previous practice, the chorus was already working on choreography to one of their new pieces.  While the chorus has still yet to be named, they will be ones to look for in the days and months ahead.

A little more about [bruce].  Formed in the fall of 2009, they will be competing in the Evergreen District 1competition in Abbotsford on April 9-10, 2010.  If you're in the area, be sure to check them out, along with lots of other great acapella singing at the Abbey Arts Center, Abbotsford, BC.  Quartets will be competing Friday night, Choruses will compete Saturday morning and afternoon, and there will be a Show of Champions which will feature the top-ranking quartets and choruses Saturday night.  Knowing who is already signed up to compete, there will be lots of great singing Friday and Saturday.  Tickets for the competitions and the show of champions are available in advance or at the door - see http://www.divisiononecontest.com/ for details.
We had a wonderful time singing at the Boston Pizza for Valentine's Day.  The crowd was responsive and generally welcoming, in spite of the fact that we were competing with the Olympics!  We had an enjoyable time, and to top it off, had a lovely dinner with our wives courtesy of Shaun and Boston Pizza.  Thank you so very much!  It's this kind of welcome and hospitality that makes performing our craft just that much more worth-while!
First off, we're ready to sing.  We've been practicing weekly (few exceptions) on a number of new songs, and are looking forward to performing some really great tunes for you.  We're looking to sprinkle some laughter into our performances, so expect a chuckle or two next time we sing for you.

Also, we're getting ready for the Evergreen Division 1 competition, which will be held in Abbotsford on the weekend of April 9-10.  This is an annual gathering of people who sing the Barbershop style, and draws a crowd of singers from as far north as Alaska, and as far south as Oregon.  To prepare for this, we're looking through and adding to our repertoire three songs that we will practice, hone and sharpen until they're the best they can be.  When we're done, they'll be a part of what we do, and you'll be able to hear them too!

So, until next time we perform for you, keep a melody in mind, and harmony in your heart!
♪ So this is Christmas, and what have you done... ♪

The ghosts of Christmas (recently) past are receding, and the spectre of a new Year is looming.  Will this next year be filled with joy and wonder?  We are eager to get our name out there, but more importantly, get our songs out there to receptive ears.  There are few things more enjoyable than finding another crowd to please, and we'll be doing that in the new year, so if you can think of anyone who enjoys acapella singing (or, better yet, someone who doesn't know if they do), please tell them about us.  We'll keep our web site and Facebook Fan Pages (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Some-Other-Time-Quartet/238074089026) updated with our itinerary, so you can have every opportunity to catch us Live :-D

Until then, remember that the Secret of Christmas is not the things you do at Christmastime, but the Christmas things you do all year through.

Snow has settled on the North Okanagan, and it looks like it could be here to stay.  But, if acapella singing is your thing, then you always carry your instrument with you.  May your melodies and harmonies warm your heart and the hearts of those around you.

We performed for the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Auxiliary at their annual Christmas party.  Not only did we have a wonderful time entertaining those in attendance, but we were among the first to hear how much they raised for the hospital - over $20,000!  Absolutely Incredible!  My hat (if I were wearing one) would be off to those hard-working individuals!