We had an absolutely wonderful time aboard the Boardroom cruise boat on Lake Okanagan (www.kelownadinnercruises.com) in celebration of Herb and Dorothea Reimche's 70th wedding anniversary.  Herb is 93, and Dorothea is too much a lady to admit her age, but they are still spry and alert, and for one of our songs (My Wild Irish Rose), Herb got up and shared the spotlight with Rick, turning our quartet into a quintet!  Not a small feat for a nonagenarian!

The weather started fair, and held until the captain of the boat decided that the weather was looking a little threatening, so took us shoreward.  We docked fine, of course, and then proceeded to assist the passengers off the boat and onto the dock, which was rocking and reeling more than the boat from the waves that the winds were kicking up.  The waves abated mostly just as we were helping the last of the guests ashore.

We also managed to identify a potential new member to a chorus, but unfortunately he lives in Idaho, so the commute would be a little far for him to join our chorus.  He'd be an asset for sure in one of the Idaho area chapters, though.

We wrapped up the evening by dropping in on a wedding reception (we didn't crash, we were invited as a surprise to the bride and groom) and singing three songs.  It was a great evening and afternoon, and we had a blast performing for these people.  We all agreed that this is what it's all about; bringing laughter and smiles to those who allow us to sing for them.
Andrew Bigelow
7/19/2010 06:26:21

It was a wonderful evening, and the joy you brought to my Grandparents was amazing. To see so much life appear in not only my Grandfather's face, but my Grandmother had more life than she has had in years. The memories were coming back from the songs of 'yore. Thank you for a wonderful evening, and being willing to join and share the experience with us!

Twyla Gimbel
7/19/2010 14:41:44

Thanks to you for making the evening with our parents an unforgetable event.

We really appreciated your contribution.


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