First off, we're ready to sing.  We've been practicing weekly (few exceptions) on a number of new songs, and are looking forward to performing some really great tunes for you.  We're looking to sprinkle some laughter into our performances, so expect a chuckle or two next time we sing for you.

Also, we're getting ready for the Evergreen Division 1 competition, which will be held in Abbotsford on the weekend of April 9-10.  This is an annual gathering of people who sing the Barbershop style, and draws a crowd of singers from as far north as Alaska, and as far south as Oregon.  To prepare for this, we're looking through and adding to our repertoire three songs that we will practice, hone and sharpen until they're the best they can be.  When we're done, they'll be a part of what we do, and you'll be able to hear them too!

So, until next time we perform for you, keep a melody in mind, and harmony in your heart!

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