Nothing quite like a cold to help a tenor sing like a bass.  Now, if only colds could help basses sing like tenors, with a little work, we'd still be able to balance sound! :-D

Fortunately, even though cold and flu season is upon it, that isn't stopping us from doing our best to make our next performance lively.  We're eager to bring you new songs in our repertoire (just check out the changes on the Songs We've Sung page to see what has graduated from "maybe" to "gonna happen".)

And speaking of graduating, Dan (the tenor) has a son that will be graduating this year and moving to the coast to study Computer and Electrical Engineering at BCIT.  While that will keep that household busy from now to September with plans for this and that, it won't be keeping us from making our appointed rounds.

...which reminds us, Have you made an appointment?  We're ready to sing for you at the drop of a hat (or note), Some Other Time.

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