It's odd that it's December 14th, and barely a skiff of snow on the ground here in the North Okanagan.  However, the weatherman has promised that will be changing, just no firm time-line on when.

So, Some Other Time has completed another Christmas singing season, rather early this year, which is fine for their wives, who patiently tolerate being Barbershop widows.  Our final scheduled engagement for the year will be at our little private quartet Christmas party, where we celebrate with our wives another wonderful year gone by and the promise of a wonderful new year to come.

We have also decided to do our part to fill in some of the wintry quiet by taking our acapella tunes to some of the local area senior's facilities in the new year, a time of year that usually doesn't get a lot of singing time (maybe because most groups are worn out from Christmas performances?)  We, however, are just getting warmed up!

If you chance to hear us soon, be listening for some of our new favorites, like I'm My Own Grandpa and If My Nose Was Runnin' Money.  If you're up for some frank honesty (or at least tongue-in-cheek humour), then you may also appreciate The Truth About Men.  We're also adding some spiritual content to our repertoire, like I'm Feelin' Fine and When I Lift Up My Head.  We've got lots of good music to bring to you in the new year, so be on the lookout for us.  We'll try to keep our website updated, but you never know when we may just turn up... Some Other Time

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