Yes, I know that it isn't even Hallowe'en yet, and it's way Way too early to be hearing songs of a certain style in the stores, but, when you are an entertainer, you need to prepare.  The best things don't happen "at the drop of a hat" without a lot of preparation.

So, in order for us to be able to being you the best Christmas tunes, we have to start practicing.  Three months before Christmas.  Just one of the many things we do to please our fans.

Another thing we do in our efforts to please the crowds is to ask you what you want to hear.  We'll be putting the question out on our pages here, as well as on our Facebook page: What is your favorite Christmas song, and would you like us to perform it?

It may already be one we're practicing, but if it isn't, then hearing from you may be just what we need to add it to our list!

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