Nothing quite like a cold to help a tenor sing like a bass.  Now, if only colds could help basses sing like tenors, with a little work, we'd still be able to balance sound! :-D

Fortunately, even though cold and flu season is upon it, that isn't stopping us from doing our best to make our next performance lively.  We're eager to bring you new songs in our repertoire (just check out the changes on the Songs We've Sung page to see what has graduated from "maybe" to "gonna happen".)

And speaking of graduating, Dan (the tenor) has a son that will be graduating this year and moving to the coast to study Computer and Electrical Engineering at BCIT.  While that will keep that household busy from now to September with plans for this and that, it won't be keeping us from making our appointed rounds.

...which reminds us, Have you made an appointment?  We're ready to sing for you at the drop of a hat (or note), Some Other Time.
Things are a little quiet at the moment.  Dan is working on some yard renovations, Paul is tearing out his deck (hopefully not his hair) and building a new one in its place.  Oh, and we're continuing to keep our repertoire polished and adding new music as time goes on.

We've recently added a couple of songs to our "ready to perform" list, and are all geared up to sing 'em when we go cruising on Lake Okanagan July 18th.  In the meanwhile, we're looking ahead to putting together "song packages" that fit well together, not medleys so much as songs that "just fit" when sung back-to-back.  We also haven't forgotten Christmas (well, it _is_ only 6 months away), and we're wanting to have songs ready and polished once that season falls upon us.

The life of the "Chorus of the soon-to-be Lake Country Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society" (whew) continues as well, as we actively continue the process of picking a name (the CLCCBHS just doesn't cut it), and we're already planning for our "coming out party", which could happen as early as November.  Stay tuned here for details of that.
The North Okanagan has had a dry winter, and it's looking to be a dry summer.  Fortunately for that, we've had some rain this past week, and although we're not big fans of rain, it has so many blessings that it's a welcome guest to our valley.

We are hoping, however, that the rain manages to stay away this upcoming weekend, when the O'Keefe Ranch has its official opening to the general public.  You will be able to hear us as we wander the grounds from 2pm to 5pm, here and there, singing the songs we know and love.  For more details, you can check out the photo just published on our Photos page.

We've also graduated two new songs into our repertoire (that's fancy French for "what we know"), and we're looking for the next great thing to bring to you.  Keep an eye out on our Songs We've Sung page for details.

We're looking forward to singing for you!